Hiking to the Hollywood sign | Los Angeles, USA

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3th of July 2017

Today I went to the hollywood sign. We left around 11am and drove to the area where the hollywood sign is located. there is actually no exact point where you can drive to and that’s standing in the maps as official view point of the Hollywood sign. So we just drove to the place that looked like it was closest to the hollywood sign. But when we arrived we found out that from there on it would still be another 1,5 hr hike, which i wasnt in for, since by the time we would arrive at the hollywood sign all my makeup would have been molted off. So, we decided to get in the car again and drive the other way around the mountain so see if we could get closer to the Hollywood sign from there on. After 45 minutes driving, and a couple times driving into another dead end way, we finally found another way to the hollywood sign. It didn’t seem like it was very well known by tourists since we only found like 5 other people at this point. we walked for 5 minutes and ended up on this very good picture spot with the Hollywood sign.

outfit details:
pants is from H&M
blouse is from Amana Fashion (@amana.fashion)
hijab is from Floral Scarves (@floralscarves)