Las Vegas baby! | Las Vegas, USA

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12th of July 2017

I finished packing the last things in my suitcase around 1am, after that i got ready for bed and put my alarm at 5:30am. Unfortunatly i didnt wakeup at 5:30am, but at 7am… So our plan to leave the house at 6:30 am to drive to las vegas didn’t work out. But we got ready quickly and still managed to drive away from LA around 7:45am. It was a 4hr drive from our place in LA to our hotel in Las Vegas. I was still a bit tired and slept another hour or so in the car. The drive to las vegas was beautiful and had stunning landscape view. Pictures do no justice. We had a few pitstops and already felt that the air was much hotter driving land inwards.

We arrived in Las Vegas around 11:30am. the website of the hotel said you couldn’t check in until 2pm but we tried anyway and already got the keys. So we took our suitcase out of the car and brought it to the room, I did my makeup and changed clothes and we went out. The hotel staff told us that we could park in all their other hotels around las vegas for free so we decided to take the car instead of walking everywhere. We drove around and got to our first stop where we parked the car: The Venetian. Its a beautiful Venetian themed hotel/mall where you can walk around and we took some pictures over there. We got around and walked from there on through the whole area and had some icecream and viewed some other hotels nearby. then we got back to the parking garage and drove the car to another hotel a little closer to our hotel again. there we got out and decided to have dinner at Chili’s. There was a 20 minute wait for a table but thats okay. So we got to our table and first had some chicken and cheese appetizers. Honestly, they weren’t that great, so we ordered steak with mashed potato for dinner. Our order came and also that this wasn’t that good over here. I’ve had the same dish at Chili’s in LA and it tasted way better over there. The waiter was also not really friendly and when the moment of the tip came, he kept telling me I was doing the payment wrong (i was giving him 2% tip) and that the normal amount of tipping was 20% over there. But i wasn’t satisfied with the service so I wasn’t planning on giving a 20% tip.

After that I got back in my way to the car. on our walk back we came by the fountains and the little Paris area that was there.