4 days, 4 states: California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada | USA

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Hi Lovelies!

In January I’ve done an amazing roadtrip through 4 states in the USA. The roadtrip was 4 days long and we visited California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.

I’ve planned this roadtrip all by myself and want to explain in this post how I’ve done that and what route did we drive.

I was on holiday in Los Angeles for the 3th and really wanted to visit the grand canyon. It’s quite impossible to do it in just one day so I came up with the idea why not make a roadtrip of it and visit more significant places. The USA has alot of beautiful national parks, and that’s where I started planning the route on.

The grand Canyon was about 8 hours driving away from LA. I decided that it would be a good plan to drive about 5 hours a day and so that would mean that we visit the grand canyon the second day. I looked up in google maps what places would be about 5 hours away and searched for hotels/motels in these places. I found out that Kingman, Arizona was the cheapest town to stayover and so I booked a Hotel there.


On our way to there was Joshua Tree National Park in the middle of the route, we decided to spend a few hours there and discover the park.

Joshua Tree National Park was definitely worth the visit and we stayed there until sunset. After that we continued our way to Kingman.

The drive to Kingman seemed endless, the roads were long and straight, and for miles and miles you saw no other cars passing you. I would also definitely recommend to make sure to fill up the tank of your car since you sometimes do not see any gasstations for hours.


On the second day we drove from Kingman to Page. This was the route we drove.

We drove away from Kingman at 9:30am in the direction of the Grand Canyon, where we arrived around 12pm. To enter National Parks you will need to get an entrance ticket which you can either get in one of the villages close to the Grand Canyon or upon the official entrance. If you go on a busy day (weekends, national holidays ect.) it is recommendable to buy your ticket in one of the villages since the line at the official entrance can get quite long. We went on a weekday in the winter so it wasn’t that busy and we only needed to wait for a few minutes at the official entrance.

Grand Canyon National Park itself is quite big, so we were glad to be there with our own car on a less busy day since we were able to drive to all the view points and park our car close to them.

It was such a surreal experience seeing these endlessly deep canyons and being able to stand on the edge.

We decided to leave the park around 4 pm since we still had a long drive to Page ahead of us. On route we came by a little native american market which the made besides to road. There they sold native american art that was all handmade. We had a little chat with one of the girls and heard a bit of their story and history. I think it’s always a great idea to have a talk with a local and hear more about everything from their perspective.

The drive to Page was amazing. The highway was still looking brand new and super smooth to drive, the landscape was constantly changing from the woods around the Grand Canyon to this red rock Mars-like landscape and for miles you would see absolutely no one.

We arrived in Page when it just got dark, decided to get some tacobell and head to bed early since we would need to get up early the next day.


We got up around 5am since I wanted to see the sunrise at the Horse Shoe bend. It’s a quite well known place very close to Page where the Colorado River has formed a deep U-shaped canyon. Horse Shoe bend is still a open place right now but will become a National Park soon. Also it’s quite a hike, so if you plan on going there don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. The view is breathtaking though and absolutely worth the hike.

Although we arrived at 6am and were there on a winter mid-week day, we still weren’t the only ones there. There were a couple of busses full with korean and chinese tourist who decided the sunrise would be the best time to visit too. There still was plenty of space to take pictures though.

 (A little behind the scenes, this was at 6am already!)






After we took some pictures, walked around and enjoyed the view we left at 7:30am and headed to the hotel (which was only a 3 minute drive away from this amazing place!!).

We packed our bags, had some breakfast (tip: we bought an 8$ toaster at walmart and took a bag of bagels with us) and got out of the hotel around 11am. We would drive from Page to Las Vegas. This was our route:

We were actually planning to visit the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument but discovered it wasn’t reachable by car and that you needed a special pass for it (which was only for sale once a year) to be able to visit it, so we couldn’t go there. In stead of that we choose to go visit the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. But before we could visit it we still had a long drive ahead of us.

It was a beautiful drive again.

After 20 minutes we came past this Utah sign, so ofcourse I had to take a picture with it:

Here an impression of the route:


When we finally arrived in Nevada we had a little stop at a gasstation and bought some icecreams and snacks for in the car as we continued to The Valley Of Fire. We arrived there a bit before sunset.

We continued our way to Vegas. It was beautiful to drive on the highway and all at once see a city full of lights appear in front of you.

In Vegas we went to our hotel and dropped of our stuff. We had found a hotel of only 18 (!!)$. You can find really good deals for hotels in Las Vegas on http://www.booking.com (if you want 25$ off your next stay, email me for a coupon code)

After that we went out we first went to 5 Guys to get some food. Then we went back to the strip and took a look around in The Venetian. We wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory  for some cake so after that we went to Ceasars Palace since they had a Cheesecake Factory.








The next morning we decided to have breakfast at IHOP. To celebrate their 60th anniversary you could eat limitless pancakes for only 3.99$! unfortunately I could only eat 3 and a half pancakes and I already felt full. Guess I wont hold the world record, haha!

After we had our bellies full we headed to the Bellagio to take some pictures. This was the outcome:

After that we went to look around in some shops and glabbed some starbucks for our way back. This was our last leg of the roadtrip:

If you stay for a bit longer around the LA area and have a car I would definitely recommend doing this roadtrip. It’s an amazing experience and you get to see so many different sides of the USA.