Nada Lenses from Kuwait

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Hello Lovelies!

Although I have blue eyes myself, I do like to try coloured lenses. Especially when doing a makeup look, you can really change the look by wearing a different colour lenses.

I’ve tried a few different lens brands but Nada Lenses (┬á) is definitely one of my favourite brands for lenses. Their lenses are easy in use (and also easy to get out of the package) and are really comfortable to wear.

These are their 4 newest colours:


Hazel AlNada


Nada Zircon

Lenses look different on everyone’s eyes. A yellow lens might make a brown eye look more hazel for example, but on a blue eye it might make it actually more green. Keep this in mind if you plan on buying lenses.

Here is a comparison with my natural eyecolour next to the lens: