My journey from Acne to Glowing skin

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Hello Girls!

It has been quite a while since I’ve written a blogpost. Life has been quite busy. I have moved to the USA! I’m now living in California and studying Interior Design at California State University Sacramento. Ofcourse there was a lot to do to get settled here and that’s why I haven’t posted anything in a while.


To get to the main core of the post; skincare – I never really used to be a girl who cared about skincare. My skin used to be dry but anything else than that it was fine. Until, about 1,5 years ago I started to break out so badly! I got so much acne, my face hurled a lot and I felt terrible about it. At that time I was wearing a lot of foundation and kept wearing a lot of foundation to cover it up. But that didn’t make the case any better. This was the point that I started to see that it might be better to let my skin breath a bit more. But without wearing foundation I felt bad for my acne, I wanted to have clear skin and not needing to wear foundation every day anymore. I found out that skincare is important.


firstly I went to the doctor to get cremes for my acne. I didn’t wear foundation anymore every day, only on special occasions. my acne went away after about 1 year. in this year I just focussed on getting the acne away and besides that I only used a simple moisturizer from Nivea to moisten the dry areas like my cheeks and forehead.


Now my acne has been gone for a while I have been focussing more on getting my skin healthy and glowy. I do not want to wear foundation every day anymore and want to have beautiful skin when waking up.  This is why lately I have been adding some more steps into my skincare routine. This is what my recent (evening) skincare routine looks like:

1: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

the first step of my skincare routine is this Estee Lauder serum. It gives a really fresh and luxurious feeling when applied


2: Babor Essential Care

In the nighttime I use 2 of these Babor Essential Care line products. I use the Pure Cream, which is for problem skin on the skin where I used to have acne, so the chin and nose area. On the dry areas, my cheeks and forehead, I use the Lipid Balancing Cream. These creams have a really nice calming smell to them and feel like they get absorbed super quickly. They do not feel sticky.

Pure Cream:

Lipid Balancing Cream:


3: Afroza Shawal Magic Cream

This cream is rich and thick and is the perfect cream to end the routine with. It’s truly a magical cream and leaves the face feel baby soft!